What is SPNet?

SPNet is a national Specialty Physical Medicine Network.

What Medical Services Are Coordinated Through SPNet?

SPNet will arrange for the provision of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Work Conditioning, Work Hardening, Ergonomics, and Functional Capacity Evaluations.

How Can I Make a Referral to SPNet?

You can make a referral to SPNet’s Referral Management Office from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET by email, web, fax or phone at the addresses and numbers listed below.

How will I know That My Referral Is Being Taken Care of?

You will receive confirmation of receipt of referrals sent online or via email. SPNet will update you daily on the scheduling status of all referrals from the time of receipt until the service is scheduled. Call SPNet at any time at (888) 654-0049 if you have any question or additional information to add to the referral.

  • SPNet will schedule the requested service within 24-48 hours from contact with the injured worker and advise you at that time of the scheduling information.
  • If SPNet is not able to contact the injured worker after multiple attempts over two business days, we will send a “non-contact” scheduling letter to the injured worker with an appointment location, date and time. A copy will be sent to you electronically at the same time it is mailed to the injured worker.
  • If SPNet does not have a network provider within close proximity to the injured worker, SPNet will immediately seek a single case letter of agreement (LOA) with a qualified provider within the requested service area. SPNet will update you daily on the progress.

When Will SPNet Communicate with Me?

After the initial treatment regimen is completed, SPNet will provide a clinical review, treatment notes and a new script if additional treatment is necessary. SPNet will ask you to authorize ongoing treatment and provide instructions on how to respond back to SPNet. Additionally, key attendance and clinical information will be provided during the course of treatment coordinated through SPNet.

How Does SPNet Monitor Therapy Services Delivered?

SPNet has a clinical team of Physical and Occupational Therapists trained to provide internal peer reviews to ensure that the service delivered are medically necessary and clinically indicated. Our clinical team monitors and manages utilization each case from the initial evaluation through discharge.

Who Can I Contact If I Have a Question?

Contact SPNet for: