Clinical Expertise

SPNet provides proactive, evidence-based rehabilitative programs and services for injured workers that provide predictable clinical outcomes and a reduction in total cost per claim. Our network of therapy providers delivers physical and occupational therapy programs that blend early intervention strategies and evidence-based treatments that are specifically customized to both the injury and the job. The treatment programs are designed to address the unique and individual needs of the injured worker to expedite restoration of function and the return to work process.

SPNet’s clinical services are built upon:

  • Assessment of the neuromusculoskeletal condition and application of skilled interventions to specific systems and tissues affected by the injury.
  • Determination of safe work activity that will not compromise medical stability.
  • The design of safe, progressive rehabilitation programs that aggressively recondition the injured worker. These programs are specific to the worker’s job demands and are within their functional and medical limitations.
  • Minimization of lost work time, through aggressive clinical management and promotion of productive work with reduction in the risk of occurrence.